I think this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me


I think this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me

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—Happy birthday.

—Happy what?

—Today is May 20th.

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Anonymous asked: I gave my boyfriend a handjob under our table in olive garden



i’m calling the official president of the usa 


Anonymous asked: can you give me some tips on how to draw teeth ?

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Ari is so freaking adorable!

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Yea it’s clearly our “generation that’s making homosexuality a trend.” Seriously, pisses me off when people say that. look at this! It’s always been around, it’s not a trend, it’s real. It’s beautiful.

These are really beautiful images.

History Lesson: In America from about 1700-1920 there was a social rule that said that women did not have a sex drive. According to men, all women ever were asexual and only ever had sex because their husbands wanted it and as a good doting wife they would open up for him. That said, lesbians flourished in this time! Because it was believed that women did not have sex, when two women would share a house and finances together (called a Boston Marriage, look it up!) nobody thought anything of it. Because clearly they werent homosexuals since clearly women were incapable of being independently sexual. The more you know!

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If you were a book
I’d lick my fingers
and flip your pages,
until your spine creased
and you lay spent,
with nothing else to offer.
Then, I’d cup you in my palms
and read you again.
— My Favorite Bedtime Story (via lunabriluna)

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I will never not reblog this.

I have to reblog this every time I see it

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Nearing Completion!


So the first draft of “The Forges of Dawn” is written, and just gotta wait on edits from my editor! Then once I correct everything to her satisfaction, it’s off to the printers and onto your shelves!

The graphic novel, “Empires of Sand” is going a little slower, owing to the schedule of the artist and to recent computer troubles she had — a whole disk wipe that caused her to lose a lot of her work. But we shall persevere, no worries, and get back on track! ;D





Captain Perv

now the real question: is she eyeing Seven* of Nine or the coffee?

*I originally typed Sven of Nine and now I want to write some kind of Swedish genderbend….

Sven av nio

I thought that was a data padd? xD

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just a few of the many reasons why I’m excited for when the tumblr generation becomes parents

Omg these are all going to be me. Because I don’t have TIME to give a fuck.

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The latest generator, the random demon maker! Complete with horns, wings, and (mostly) unappealing personality traits, you can make your own demon in varying degrees of non-human-ness.  

(Fun fact you can technically get my headcanon for demon!Dean on Supernatural [but that’s probably like a one in a million chance])

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